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UAE National Day is celebrated on 2 December each year in the United Arab Emirates. The seventh emirate, Ras al Khaimah, was added to the federation on 10 February 1972 making it the last emirate to join.

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Grand Celebrations

Grand celebrations are held across the country to mark the event. Fireworks, car rallies and dance shows are the most common activities. Over 57% of UAE residents anticipate seeing fireworks during the UAE National Day weekend. People will usually dress up in UAE national flag colors and decorate their homes, workplaces, cars and streets to celebrate the day. Palm trees are decorated with lights from the colors of the flag. Hotels and other public sites are decorated with flags and lights. Some UAE residents also organize some sport challenge to celebrate it.

Downtown Dubai is lightened with fireworks while the Burj Khalifa displays the UAE flag. It is crowded with people seeking to see the massive national day fireworks and celebration. Shopping centers, malls, and institutions are decorated with the flag.

Heritage Villages are set all over the UAE to celebrate this event traditionally. Holidays are given from the National Day until two days later. Air shows are conducted while military processions are held at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre for the rulers of the Emirates, members of the Federal National Council, and Emirati citizens.

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