eco friendly packaging

eco friendly packaging its for new generation of packaging with complete recycled packaging with minimum resources usage

The most common corrugated box style is the regular slotted container, whose flaps have the same length and meet in the middle and have a wide variety of uses.

Packaging – Ratail and Gifts

Packaging – Gifts

Custom printed gift packaging is a great way to present your products in an elegant and stylish fashion. As printing of the gift packaging is fully personalised, it gives you a possibility to use them in a wide range of situation and industries from retail packaging, corporate gift to wedding presents.

Al Zaytoon box uses a state-of-the-art printing technology to deliver superb quality custom printed gift packaging appropriate for any occasion.

shipping box

Packaging – Retail – Shipping box

All our packaging  is designed to include all information, including wordings, images and logos in order to reflect the philosophy and contain necessary information behind your product or company. As they are mainly destined for wholesale packaging users, there is a minimum quantity of 100 up to 10000 or more.

These superb high definition retail packaging boxes are extremely solid and durable and can be used either on a larger scale for retail or for small businesses and personalised occasions, such as corporate events or weddings.

Readymade Boxes,” are a leading manufacturer of a superior quality range ofCorrugated Boxes, Cake Boxes, Cupcake boxes, Chocolate Boxes and many more products with a range

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