Ready Made Wooden Boxes

Ready Made Wooden Boxes ,The wood boxes you’ll find here are just the first step to creating a great craft that you can sell or make as a special gift. You’ll find any size or type of wooden box here. Then you can browse around the site for ideas to make unique jewelry or trinket boxes, or create just one with a someone special in mind. Our boxes are affordable, made with high quality materials, and provide just the right platform to get started.

We sell more unfinished wood boxes than anyone else. We have a huge selection of wood boxes to paint, wooden boxes to decorate and wood boxes that we can either laser engrave or install a full color photographic image on. We can personalize almost any of our wood boxes with our innovative techniques. A personalized wood box makes a great gift for anyone and with the ability to truly personalize and customize your message, we can make a wonderful gift for anyone.

We have the ability to make custom wood boxes in 2 different varieties at this time. These methods use the precision of a laser to insure a tight fit and the ability to truly customize a wood box to your specifications. We can add a logo or a color graphic to any of the boxes that we custom make for our customers.

If you are a decorative or tole painter, many of our boxes are made for you. The designs and paintings that are customers are able to paint or decoupage on the boxes always amazes us when we see how creative our woodcraft customers truly are. We are always happy to promote our customers wood crafts on our Facebook page or include the finished product in our newsletter.

We have an increasing line up of finished wood boxes that we can also customize for your specific event. We have invested in some amazing technology that will leave your breathless when you see the results. Contact us about any of the personalized wood boxes that we can offer to make for you.


We provide the materials, you add the creativity, and the end result is up to you. Whether you’re looking to create a unique gift, a family treasure or you simply want a great craft to do with the kids, checking out our selection of finished and unfinished wooden boxes will certainly get the ideas flowing.


We sell thousands of wood boxes each week and have one of the largest selections anywhere. We also stock thousands of paper mache boxes for your craft projects. If you are looking for wood boxes to paint or decorate, you have come to the right place. We love wood boxes and work with them each and every week. If you are wondering which box will work best for you, contact us and let us know how we can help.



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