large gift boxes with lids

al zaytoon boxes manufactures large gift boxes with lids custom sized and printed gift boxes for any kind of gift packing purposes. Normally gift boxes can be printed in thick card based material. For luxury gift packing we have very good quality finest gift boxes. With great interior finish we capable of customize VIP quality boxes. Call us for more information on customizing your gift box. Gift Boxes Even the most perfect gift isn’t quite as special without the proper presentation. Our colorful gift boxes can be used to spice up any present, and come in so many sizes that there is no gift too big or too small. Lined with our colored or printed tissue paper, and topped off with a beautiful satin ribbon bow, you will be sure to present a beautiful gift to your friends and family. Eloquent Jewelry Boxes A great piece of jewelry needs a box that will make it shine even brighter. Take a look at our jewelry box selection, which is big enough to fit any jewelry. Ribbon trimmed gift boxes are especially nice for anniversary jewelry or you can keep things classic and plain. Fun Gift Boxes for Chocolates Chocolates are almost always a great gift idea, but the boxes that sweets come in are usually covered with bar codes and other information. We offer boxes with different colors and designs, which will make the recipient really feel special. Sure, chocolates are always a nice gesture, but to really create an impact you need to make sure the packaging is perfect. Some of our gift boxes also come with magnetic clasps, making them perfect for reuse as jewelry boxes or organizers for beads and craft supplies. Our selection of food and wine containers is great for ensuring that your food and drink stay safe during transport. Pizza, cake and candy boxes are all great ways to store your freshly made food. Durable Favor Containers If you want a product that makes wedding or party favors a hit, order some of our fun favor gift boxes that are decorated to go with the occasion. Made out of several different types of materials, these boxes come in many sizes and colors, so that you’ll always be able to find the perfect one for you. Our boxes are made out of quality materials and we offer designs that are difficult to find anywhere else. We are also often able to ship your order the same day it is received, because of our vast inventory. Browse our online selection of gift boxes to get a better idea of your options and feel free to e-mail us with any questions before placing your order. Endless Options Our large selection of colors and shapes means we’ve got a gift box for you! Whether you’re looking for a cardboard box, plastic box, or metal tin, we’ve got it! Looking for a red, white, brown or black gift box? As always, we’ve got you covered! takes the excitement of gifting to the next level with its collection of fun and whimsical gift boxes. Because we know you put in a lot of thought into choosing the perfect present to give, it’s just right that we went to greater lengths to create the perfect packaging your gift needs in order to stand out. Guaranteed, you’ll get many delighted oohs and aahs even before your gift is unwrapped!
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